All the troubles of the Black sea are guilty people

The thirty-first of October the world celebrates the day of the Black sea. On this day in 1996, the year of the six black sea countries signed the Strategic plan on rehabilitation and protection of the Black sea. Needless to say, what does it mean for Ukraine: we are the owners of the most tasty piece of cake the black sea Crimean Peninsula.

Head of the Department of Zoology and animal ecology KNU named after V. N. Karazin Kharkiv national University, candidate of biological Sciences, the diver Andrey Utevsky better known as the Explorer of the seas cold, but the Black sea it is also “hand in glove”.

— Andrey, tell us about your first dive.

In six years I simply fell into the water with an inflatable mattress and went to the bottom. Opening my eyes, I saw some algae and feet of his father in the fins — and climbed to the surface… But seriously, when I swam independently for the first few meters, I immediately demanded the parents of mask and fins. The underwater world fascinates at once and forever…

All the fault of the people

— About the underwater world: what can we say about the Black sea?

— The black sea is very poorer. If a couple of decades ago in the coastal waters of the Crimea was swarming with living creatures, and I thought today was beautiful, and vegetation is bright,but to photograph any animal has become a problem.

— It is known that in the Black sea is seriously impaired balance. What is the reason?

— This is due to human activities. The main reason for all ills — pollution of waters and coastal zones. Untreated sewage, oil spills — all this is detrimental to all marine life.

— They say that the shells Rapana has also contributed to the process of depletion of the fauna.

— Brine — far Eastern animals, introduced to the Black sea by the courts. Here they had no natural enemies, and they actively bred. Rapana predators, and can imagine what damage they could cause to the local fauna: the destruction of oysters, scallops, other shellfish. Today this problem is partially solved. In 80-ies in the same way in the sea were brought enemies RAPAN — ctenophores Mnemiopsis, besides, Rapana is edible clam, and they are actively mined.

But ctenophores are also not “local”, and their appearance was also a problem.

— Of course. Mnemiopsis also eat larval fish. Naturally, the number of fish has decreased, therefore, reduced populations of dolphins and other animals.

— The conclusion: all the troubles of the Black sea is to blame.

— Yes, you can say so. An ecosystem was formed, under certain conditions, at its creation took millions of years, and when interfered like this actively mobile factor, as man has affected the natural course of development.

What’s at the bottom of the sea?

— They say that hydrogen sulfide, which is so “rich” Black sea, is also harmful for all living…

— Hydrogen sulphide is formed by the natural decomposition of organic matter. The accumulation is due to the unique bottom topography, which makes the water exchange with the ocean is low. For the same reason, and the salinity of the Black sea below the ocean. And so the living world is really different here. By the way, scientists have discovered that hydrogen sulfide also exists life, and it is absolutely unknown kinds of animals. Personally, I can’t determine what is this strange “beast” got biologists — not a worm, not a mollusk, not a fish…

— Maybe it’s a mutant?

— No, unlikely. Most likely, this is a different type of animal, yet unknown to science. Now there are active researches of the Black sea, and who knows what else they find. In addition, hydrogen sulfide is a preservative, so that there is enough work and archaeologists — will be to discover artifacts of historical value.

The diver — hobbie profession

— You are well known diver, photographer, Your Antarctic underwater photography is unique. By the way, say that You are the record holder for number of dives in Antarctic waters.

— In Antarctica for a year I did 104 of the dive, maximum depth of 57 meters. Don’t know whether this is the record, not thought. Most importantly, I had the opportunity to work there is an interesting and little studied in the world. I would still love there wintered.

— Back to the Black sea. Each diver has favorite places to dive. Are you a lover of the cold seas, but each year only on the Black sea.

— This year I was lucky: I became a part of archaeological expedition of the University of Kiev in the New world in the Bay of Laspi. These are my favorite places: there is clean water, beautiful landscape — perfect for underwater filming. The same can be said about Karadag. But I still, as You said, a fan of the cold seas. I would like to visit the Barents sea, take a trip to the far East…

— Andrey, You are the President of the society for the promotion of underwater activities and diving instructor CEDIP/UDIP. Thank You for the interview and want to seek Your consent to tell us about the development of this beautiful sport in Kharkiv, share experiences, and, of course, dive tales…

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