Aquarium fish

No less interesting and other little fishes that inhabit the water space. This aquarium fish. Among them are many rare and interesting specimens.

The first home aquarium and aquarium fish appeared in ancient China. Then the aquarium was an opaque tank made of stone or precious metal where the fish ran. Observation of aquarium fish, care for them were only possible from above. Because of the high cost of a home aquarium could afford only very rich noble person. Design home aquarium minimized is a beautiful vessel, water, fish. The lack of the necessary technical equipment complicates the care and maintenance of aquarium and aquarium fish, without observing the optimal conditions quickly became ill and died. Now a home aquarium is a miniature piece of water community, where, thanks to high-tech equipment, competent care aquarist biological balance is established. While the abundance of shapes, sizes, varieties makes it possible to choose an aquarium that best suits their own tastes.

Skillfully equipped home aquarium with fish is a stylish decoration, the subject of positive emotions and peace of mind. How to equip a home aquarium, which akvariumnyjj to stop your mind, it’s a matter of taste. And consult in the pet stores. Some of them we will tell.

Tetraodon green inhabits the brackish waters of South-East Asia (India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Burma, Indonesia).

Tetraodon green pear-shaped body without scales. The head and torso with fine thorns, in a calm state lying close to the body. In an emergency, the air bag extending from the stomach, tetraodon is inflated and takes the shape of a ball and the spikes are vertical. Green eyes the puffer fish and large mobile. The back is broad and rounded. Fan-shaped dorsal fin shifted backwards. Caudal fin rounded, ventral absent. Jaw teeth merge together to form in each jaw a pair of inserts separated by a front. Main background body tetraodon yellowish-green. On the back and sides of the scattered different sized black spots. Abdomen without bright spots. With age, body colour green the puffer fish begins to significantly dim. Sex differences: males are slimmer and brighter than females. In length tetraodon green – grows up to 15 to 17 cm

Tetraodon green – aggressive and predatory fish. It is only suitable for the aquarium because he likes to bite the fins of other fish. To carry the puffer fish is necessary in the packaging of solid material, otherwise it can bite or puncture a plastic bag. Kept tetraodon green in the lower and middle layers of water.

Contain green tetraodon need in an aquarium of 200 liters with various shelters (caves of the rocks, snags). Open areas for swimming must alternate with areas densely planted with large and hard leaves (preferably in the aquarium and floating plants as the fish like the shade). Water parameters for optimal content tetraodon green: hardness 7-12°, pH 7.0-8.0, temperature 24-28 °C. Tetraodon tolerates fresh water, but brackish conditions all the same for him. Necessary filtering and weekly substitution to 25% of water.

Angel synodontis, synodontis star

Synodontis angel inhabits the Congo basin.

This fish has a dense, slightly elongated in length and slightly flattened on the sides of the body. Big eyes. The inferior mouth with 3 pairs of mustache. Adipose fin large. Young fish painted in red-violet color with white spots. Adults are gray or dark purple, with numerous reddish-yellow or reddish-brown with large spots of round shape. Also found fish with small white spots. Unpaired fins with Zebra coloring. Young catfish fins with some fine points. With age body color slightly turn gray, and the color of the fins becomes more intense. Sex differences: females are larger than males, have a more developed abdomen. Synodontis angel length reaches 25 cm lifespan up to 15 years.

Synodontis angel peaceful and calm fish. Active at night, but often out of the shelter during the day. Not compatible with fish of small size.

Astronotus, astronotus-Oscar, astronotus eyed, peacock

Family: Cichlids.

The birthplace of astronotus is the Amazon basin and the upper tributaries of the Paraguay and paraná. In Russia was brought for the first time in 1957. Despite its large size, fish remains one of the most popular among aquarists.

Oscar has elongated in length and laterally flattened body. The head is large with a bulging forehead, the eyes are expressive, large, with gray-yellow iris. Mouth terminal, lips thick. Dorsal and anal fins are long. Today, there are many color variations. The most common natural color of copper and albino variant with milky white background and a red pattern on it. Sexual differences are not expressed and become visible only during the spawning period when the female has a large ovipositor, and the male has a small VAS deferens. In natural conditions Oscar grows up to 40 cm (body mass is about 1.6 kg), in the aquarium – no more than 20-25 cm Length of life in captivity (depending on the conditions in the aquarium) can reach 10-18 years.

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