Black sea is a dangerous zone?

All sailing directions and atlases indicate that the average depth of 1300 meters of the Black sea. From the water surface to the bottom of the basin of the sea is really an average of almost one and a half kilometers, but what we used to think the sea has a depth of several times smaller, about 100 meters. Below is lurking lifeless and deadly poisonous abyss.

This discovery made the Russian Oceanographic expedition in 1890. The measurements showed that the sea is almost entirely filled with dissolved hydrogen sulfide, a poisonous gas with the smell of rotten eggs. In the heart of the sea hydrogen sulfide zone close to the surface about 50 meters closer to the shores of the depth from where the kill zone is increased to 300 meters. Liquid convex lens dead water underlies thin top layer, where is concentrated the whole marine life. Underlying lens breathes, pouchitsa, from time to time breaking the surface because of the storm winds. Major breakthroughs are less frequent, last occurred during the Yalta earthquake in 1928, even when away from the sea there was a strong smell of rotten eggs and on the sea horizon thunderous lightning flashed, leaving glowing pillars in heaven (H2S hydrogen Sulfide is flammable and explosive poisonous gas).

Still there is debate about the source of hydrogen sulfide in the depths of the Black sea. Some believe the main source of recovery of sulphate-reducing bacteria sulphate in the decomposition of dead organic matter. Others take a hydrothermal hypothesis, ie, the proceeds of hydrogen sulfide from cracks in the seabed. However, there is no contradiction, apparently, there are two reasons. The black sea is arranged so that its water exchange with the Mediterranean sea is through the shallow Bosporus threshold. In the sea of Marmara and then goes desalinated river runoff, and therefore lighter black sea water, and meet her, or rather underneath, through the Bosphorus threshold in the depth of the Black sea rolls saltier and heavier Mediterranean water. The result is something like a giant sump, in the depths of which in the last six or seven thousand years, gradually flocked hydrogen sulfide.

Today this dead thickness of over 90 per cent of the volume of the sea. In the twentieth century as a result of pollution of anthropogenic organic matter boundary hydrogen sulfide zone has risen from the depth of 25-50 meters. Simply put, the oxygen from the thin upper layer of the sea does not have time to oxidize hydrogen sulfide, propping up the bottom. Ten years ago this issue was considered a priority in the countries of the black sea. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic and explosive substance. Poisoning occurs at a concentration of 0.05 to 0.07 mg/m3. The maximum allowable concentration of hydrogen sulfide in the air of populated areas 0,008 mg/m3. According to some experts and scholars to detonation of hydrogen sulfide in the Black sea is enough power the equivalent charge Hiroshima. While the consequences of the disaster will be comparable to how if our Earth was hit by a meteor with a mass of 2 times smaller than the mass of the moon.

All of the hydrogen sulfide in the Black sea more than 20 thousand cubic kilometers. Now about the problem forget the power in unclear circumstances. However, the problem is not gone.

Feeling that the end of the era of hydrocarbons is very close, and is measured by a couple of decades, after which will come the era of total stagnation, and collapse of the commodity economy, businessmen from the state in agony and in despair threw pipe high pressure fuel line directly under the Black sea. More obscurantism and it was hard to expect. It’s such a one-off design weekend, repair and maintain in terms of explosive hydrogen sulfide is not possible. Yet in the memory of a passenger train Adler-Novosibirsk, completely burned because of an accident the fuel line. Don’t need to be an expert chemist or physicist to understand what happens in case of a breakthrough fuel in the deep layers of the Black sea hydrogen sulphide.

But it’s not the worst! If Crimean earthquake occurred today, it would have ended with a global catastrophe: the billions of tons of hydrogen sulfide covers the finest water film. What is the likely scenario of disaster? As a result of initial thermal shock will occur voluminous explosion of H2S. This can lead to a powerful tectonic processes and progress of lithospheric plates, which, in turn, will cause devastating earthquakes around the globe. But that’s not all! The explosion in the atmosphere will be thrown billions of tons of concentrated sulfuric acid. It would no longer be the modern weak acid rains after our factories. Acid rains after the explosion of the Black sea will burn all living and nonliving on the planet! Or almost everything. Nature wise! The origin of life on the planet too energy-expensive to the point of view of the event. Almost all biological forms on earth — carbon, the basis of the structure of the organism, and DNA from the left polarization. But there is, as we know of modern Microbiology, 4 species of bacteria with right-hand polarization DNA. These bacteria are “live” on a planet completely isolated from other forms of conditions. They were found in acidic boiling water of the volcanoes!

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