Create a design for aquarium catfish

Hello friends! Catfish are indispensable attribute of almost any aquarium. Quite often you can hear aquarists by their ignorance and inexperience will buy little catfish and then go. After a couple of months small and harmless soma becoming serious “pigs” bringing chaos and other minor problems in the aquarium. Today we will talk about how to make the design of the tank for the catfish.

When catfish get older, they can devour smaller fish and bigger kinfolk. Many representatives prefer aquatic vegetation, as they grow older begin to eat the young shoots. Almost all soma residents of night, and their peak activity occurs in the dark. During the day they usually hide in nooks and calmly rest, gaining strength before the night. They are activated only in the evening hours. If the night you guys it has nothing to do with twilight catfish can still be something to create, for example, to cut their rations.

If you are planning to get yourself domovnik, you will need an aquarium at least 200 liters. Aquarium aeration and filtration is a compulsory point in the banks of this nature. Also don’t forget about the mandatory obogrevala, bought a solid heater capable of maintaining in the tank the water temperature 24-27 degrees. For comunica bright lighting is not a mandatory attribute, it is better to light was dim. But still, as a variant, create the aquarium a decent amount of hiding places, otherwise you day your Pets will not see on the walk.

The main decoration of domovnica are driftwood and rocks. And driftwood, in addition to the magnificent shelter and provide lekarevich catfish and synodontis nutritious pulp. But the vegetation in aquariums with catfish mostly use artificial. For such large fish try a bit to plant a living herb. To revitalize the upper and middle layers of water can allocate arestovych catfish tetras, distihodusy and other nimble enough neighbors, which sizes medium and large.

And finally, we have to deal, in a great number of representatives of catfishes. We need to know what types of aquariums are suitable and which are not worth having at all. I want to start with one of the most popular catfish — corydoras. In the vast collection collated a great many fish from the squad Coridoras and loved ones in spirit brahimov, dianem, aspidoras. In a loneliness in this squad are som at larger — hoplosternum. Despite the similarity of these fish to each other, in this family a lot of fish with different behaviors and lifestyles.

Another very popular group of catfishes — Makarieva. Absolute leaders in this family are pterygoplichthys and ancistrus. These two representatives lekarevich great eat algae, bacterial film and other organic things from the ground, driftwood and stones. Pterygoplichthys in comparison with antsistrusa is growing extremely quickly, causing the aquarist’s dilemma: what to do with a catfish that size exceeds the size of the aquarium. In the family lekarevich a lot of fish that day you will not see, because they sit all day in the thickets of plants, in piles of stones and snags.

A huge family of catfish aquarists awarded such a pet, as glass catfish. He in aquariums nothing cleans like ancistrus or girinoheylus. odnakovo this catfish can safely recommend to almost any decorative aquarium. Glass catfish is a schooling fish and beautiful, which hardly hides and dwells in the water column and prefers swift current. Please note that kryptopterus is a schooling fish, so I do not recommend you buy less than 6 individuals. Peaceful fish, small and perfectly compatible with a small haratsinkami, for example red neons .

Want to mention bahramitash soms, among them different members of this family in habits and lifestyle. These include a small catfish-shifters who prefer to be active during the day. But the vast majority of catfishes of this family are quite large and for small aquariums with peaceful fish they are not suitable, as it will begin to eat their smaller neighbors in the pond.

All that is told of synodontis can be attributed to kazakovym soms. Bugliosi, mitusi and other members of this family are beautiful in their Teens, but then they grow into large predators and start to eat their neighbors. The exception to this cohort is the Amur whale-mouse, which is a gorgeous-looking little catfish.

For a while I want to focus on clarisonic soms, among them the Angolan clarias we sell as aquarium fish. But in his homeland this fish is fishing for its impressive size and delicious taste.

And finally it would be sacrilege not to mention pilovocnik kgs. This family of fish originates from South America, among which are many interesting instances. Among members of this family have fish from a few centimeters to several hundred kilograms. The only common feature of them — long usysa which can grow more than the length of the fish.

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