Fishing in Spain

Fishing in Spain is another exciting pastime in this country, apart from relaxing on the best beaches of Spain. diving or visiting discos in Ibiza .

There are several varieties of fishing in Spain, for example, river, sea, trolling, lake, reservoir and others. Let us discuss some of them in more detail.

River fishing in Spain

The most popular fishing in Spain is considered to be fishing on the river Ebro. In its waters fishing is possible all year round but the best time is between September to December. A large number of river inhabitants are found here. Special fishing considered fishing for catfish, perch, carp, pike, carp, eel, bass.

The coast of the Ebro river is naturally adapted for fishing. Here nature is still pristine in its form, so the Delta is very suitable for secluded relaxation, including fishing in Spain.

Sea fishing in Spain

Sea fishing is popular with travelers of various ages, because it is an activity even the kids, so come on a fishing trip to Spain can be a family. Sea fishing is divided into several types, which we will tell you.

Is fishing from a boat or yacht, which Stoica place moored by anchor. Fishermen use fishing poles with 5-6 hooks, the length of the line is 400 metres away. Fishing is carried out on live bait. A suitable choice of fishing spots you can catch a day up to 200 kg of fish.

Fishing is carried on Board of the yacht running at low speed. On the aft rods are installed on a special mount. It is quite difficult and time consuming, without guaranteeing a big catch, so they fish usually wealthy people.

Finders keepers

Fishing in the open sea is at a distance of 50 miles from the coast and takes more than a day. This is quite a tedious task, but real professionals are just that way fishing in Spain.

This is a fishing hunt for big fish and predators. It is this: on the moving yacht equipped with fishing rods with a lure, which attracts the attention of fish. The best time for this fishing is the period from March to September. This way you can catch swordfish, altoholic, tuna and others.

Fishing in Spain with good friends under the warm sun, the wind will be your most unforgettable stay in the Basque country.

Fishing in Mallorca is an indescribable experience and a great catch

Fishing in Mallorca are attracted by the opportunity to not only catch, but also to admire the many sea creatures and use DL fishing the most modern professional equipment.

In this type of fishing in Mallorca used the boat moving at low speed no more than 5 miles from the shore. For fishing they use special devices for payloads up to 5 kg, and the bait is freshly caught or live squid lure.

So your catch can be Lubin, Melva, Bonito and other inhabitants of the Mediterranean.

Bottom deep sea fishing

This type of fishing is carried out on a drifting boat using a fishing rod with the actuator, otherwise unwinding it to a depth of 400 meters hands may be problematic. The best bait for catching large fish are fresh shrimp, squid and octopus. But, for deep water bottom fishing requires favourable weather conditions.

Exciting fishing in Majorca will give an inexplicable experience, a good catch and photos with a huge caught fish to show off to friends.

Fishing in the Canary Islands: an opportunity to catch exotic fish

Fishing in the Canaries is considered one of the best, it is no coincidence that the Canary Islands are called “Paradise” place.

Natural conditions are so unique that they are sometimes completely different in certain places. In this regard, opportunities for fishing in the Canary Islands is boundless.

Here trophy fishermen were the most large and exotic species of fish, such as sailfish, swordfish, shark, Dorado, tuna, white and blue Marlin.

In order to ensure such a catch, you must exercise special skill, check fishermen that come from all over the world.

The season starts in the Canary Islands lasts year-round, although more favourable time is from may to November.

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