Fishing in the Red sea with the ship.

The cost of excursions, which price, in the “tour” that are located in the town outside the hotel. The cost of such entertainment in the hotel is exactly 2 times more expensive.

So, we decided to go fishing.

At 8.00 in the morning to the hotel, we arrived at the van, of course with air conditioning. And after 20-25 minutes, until taken away from other hotels, we were brought to the port on the outskirts of the city.

The ships were ready in flight. In the Red sea, where there was almost every one of us to catch “zdorovenniy fish” !

Here and spinning rods are ready and waiting for his master.

I am very eager to catch the first fish in the Red sea. nahl:

Between fishing under the plan were two stops at coral viewing.

All the under painting gave out masks and fins. of vodolaz:

On a small ship cabin was good, but for some reason all the campers, and now the “anglers”were on deck, despite already scorching sun.

Why “fishermen” in quotes. Yes because real fishermen, from 20-25 people on the ship, we only had 2-3 people. The rest of the spinning was holding might be the second or third time in my life.

The spinning has not yet been issued.

I decided to look after myself from all more than decent.

And now, after an hour, we set off towards the fresh sea breeze.

By the way, resting in Egypt, I completely forgot about the runny nose and chronic sinusitis. There as if I did not have any sores. goodthing:

There you have it, happiness. Where the fresh sea air in your face, clear blue sea.

Forward to the reef, fishing. nahl:

Now Russian-speaking guide, Mahmoud begins to prepare tackle.

So soon the first stop. So soon I’ll catch my first fish on the Red sea. nahl:

While waiting for my spinning rods angler, I decided to walk around the ship.

Looked in engine compartment. By the way, the ship is on the move works very very quietly and sometimes it seems as if he’s the engine.

The diesel engine here it is. The rate of developing up to 75-80 miles per hour.

Kolya looked at the engine,the heart of the ship, and look to the captain.

Met with the captain. Name Is Ahmed. 3-4 minutes the captain gave me driving such a “towering”and feel this is not a simple role.

Was not so difficult. Twist – twirl and everything.

I “pravorulki” auto center. Nothing complicated. Forward, into the wind.

A joke of course. Even very, very difficult. Especially watched the captain in their approach to the port. All this requires much experience and only experience.

Even managed to get around some “not agile” on the way to the fishing spot. nahl:

The first stop on a fishing trip. Probably we all desire to catch bigger fish. fce:

And here’s us all “whistled” to the spinning. Fishing. bp:

Who has not got spinning, seeded gear in the form of a reel into it with fishing line, weights (3-4 PCs) and hook rooms 10-12.

About that tackle, I fished from the jetty on the beach near the hotel. But that’s another story.

Myself and my wife I managed to take a spinning rod, some went to such tackles, which is pictured above the text.

As it turned out, not all the campers, mostly women, very enthusiastic about fishing.

They’re just on the upper deck enjoying the sea air or sunbathing.

As bait we used cut squid.

As expected,the first fish caught by the instructor.

Fish for all was an unusual color. The grouper is her name. Type of our voracious perch.

The instructor says tasty fish. Promised the fish fry for lunch.

So I had to try.

The depth at which we started the first fishing was 14-15 meters.

OPA-on. Eat, eat the first bite. bp. bp:

And after a while, and my first fish.

Grouper red. de:

However a small. But nothing, I think and hope the fish are larger this.

Ask wife to be a few minutes as the paparazzi.

Of course to me this fish was interesting and I decided to photograph closer. Especially her teeth and voracious mouth.

ef: I Think about you Friends. And the poet tried every little thing fishing to take a picture, then to tell you. here on our site.

Not everyone has time to attend such an interesting and exotic fish !

Next to me while I was taking pictures of this “red” beauty, angler instructor again pulls out this grouper. This is also like our perch,but green.

And again this fish photographed from all sides.

All so unusual and interesting. nahl:

After a few minutes I pulled out another pretty, but slightly larger.

The instructor warns that this fish is poisonous and it must be discarded.

– And hands can take ?

– You can, but not for long. Bite.

Yes the hell with him. Bite doesn’t hurt.

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