How to breed fish in the pond

Today, the cultivation of fishes in our own pond and on the site it is not so exotic. Many heard about it, someone wants to do it, and someone throws up and is happy – it’s so exciting. The fish in the pond probably at his dacha, or a plot of land in the village.

To breed such fish as possible for themselves, so in order to sell – a lot of money will be, but steadily, which is very positive for the family budget. In practical terms, the best and most unpretentious in the breeding fish is a tench and a crucian carp, but their significant disadvantage is the slow growth.

What you need to know about fish farming

Fisheries, though not large, requires a lot of nuances that are not always simple and easy. In order to start to breed fish you need to decide on three main points:

Own area, area, quite and small in size.

The place for fish, that is, the capacity or the pool, preferably more. Dimensions play a direct role in the survival of individuals at the time of spawning.

Need actually fry your own fish parody, you would need to run in the prepared pond.

If you have decided on the breed of fish that will breed, then can it be caught in any river or lake. You just need to follow if you transplant this fish temperature, fish not pochuvstvovala in temperature. Remember that a difference in a few degrees can lead to the death of fish, and so on.

Expensive part will be quite miserable and, most importantly, quickly and without problems will pay off. The payback process of the lasts two seasons that fairly short period of time. In the warmer months, the fish gains a weight of about one kilogram and brings significant offspring.

Before starting the process of growing fish in your pond, it is necessary to examine all the information regarding the selected type of fish, its individual nuances and peculiarities of life, as well as possible problems and diseases.

Rearing fish in ponds are divided into three types: extensive, semi-intensive and intensive. The difference is in the feeding. Under extensive fish do not feed, allow e to eat only what is in the pond. Proextensions method involves feeding fish steamed wheat, peas, corn, beans and others. The weight of the fish when it is typed faster. In intensive breeding feed the fish feed, which further increases the growth of fish, but later gives a certain flavor of fish meat. In addition, it should not be forgotten that the introduction into the reservoir of additional impurities, in particular of feed, contributes to the pollution of the water body and the appearance of illnesses.

How to breed fish in the pond

The fish farming has its many nuances.

For example, tench consider. This fish is cowardly, if I may say so. So before breeding, you need to create the reservoir in the different shelter of rocks, flora, Il other items. When all the conditions for Lin he for three years grows to 200-400 grams. Not so much, but pouring is not very capricious.

If the rate of growth of tench invalid slow, then look for carp. Although practical observations revealed that the most preferable at home to breed carp or carp. These species can grow up to half a kilogram in three years, and require little or no care, as well feel not in to running or in low-current waters. The food of carp consists both from animals and from plants and it is wonderful going through the winter. Feed fish insect larvae, rain worms, steamed grain legumes and cereals, and use a feed for chickens or pigs. It is desirable to accustom the fish to the feeding at the same time, a couple of times a day. You need to keep in mind that carp grows best where the water warms up well.

Betting fish farming makes sense, if available wintering device of sufficient power and reliability. In their absence it’s better to choose fish breeding and rearing, the fish is placed in the reservoir during the warm period of the year.

With cleaned, be sure to enclosed the drain channel, you can use it. In the absence of that, you can dig a pond. Sizes can be different, for example, 6×4 metres and 1.5 metres deep. Such pond will warm up to 26 degrees, which will be optimal. Such a pond is suitable for goldfish in dozens of weights in the range of 300 grams.

It is necessary to know

The best thermal conditions for carp is between 20 to 28 degrees. In this mode, when a good bait carp per day gain weight five to seven grams.

For effective weight gain of fish, practice dense planting and only correct feeding. Five-time planting is done by using special pellets or normal test. At normal density, is usually not fed carp. Moreover, we must remember that feeding there are both natural and artificial.

The success of raising fish in a pond is not only your efforts and attention to the pond, but also favorable weather conditions. It should be always remembered and try to uphold and maintain optimum conditions for keeping fish.

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