How to make a pond at the cottage

How to make a pond in the country – this thought at least once arose every owner of a country house. It’s so nice on a summer evening to sit by the water, relax after a busy day, to dream about the future. We, too, were no exception. Once you purchased a land with a house in the countryside, this idea is firmly lodged in our heads. Says Zarathustra, thoughts are material, if long time about something to dream, will come true. So, after reading books on landscape design and after studying dozens of websites, we decided to follow our dreams in life. How to make a pond at the cottage and what came out of it, as you will learn after reading this article.


To arrange an artificial pond in any place of the suburban area. You need to figure in mind which corner of the garden you’ve always imagined. But, it is desirable, that nearby there were no big trees, as their root system may damage the film, which we will cover the bottom, and the leaves will be constantly falling into the water. You also need to include a system of trails leading to the pond, and the area near it. We chose a place in front of the house, next to the flower bed to surface water, the beauty and smell of flowers has restored our strength and uplifting.


Having defined the location of the pond in the country, start its device. We decided to make a small pond, measuring 3 by 2 meters. Parimalam draw a line on the ground, depicting irregular circle, resembling a grain of beans. Adjust to the future site of the pond garden cart, pick up a shovel and begin excavations.

Before that you need to consider where to go the earth from the excavation. Even with this small size of the reservoir, land formed a large number. We, for example, the first layer in which many herbs and roots that covered all the pits and bumps along the plot. The second layer of the earth is more fertile and pure, did the Alpine slide. diversifying the landscape design of the plot. The third layer, consisting mainly of clay, was taken to a nearby ditch.

Depth at the lowest point of the pit is 80 cm Our pond in the country will be decorative. so this size is enough, but if you plan to run in the pond fish. that depth should make not less than 1 meter. The slope of banks should be done smoothly, otherwise have nowhere to put stones for decoration. In our pond we made along the coastline a small notch in the form of a step, just for the location of the stones.

During the earthworks need to cut all the tree roots sticking out of the earth, so they broke through the film.

Making an excavation for a pond at the cottage and covered it with his sand

and well trambeam.

After the sand to protect the film, it is necessary to put a layer of geotextile. Just say that our region is not Moscow, so in local stores of this material have not even heard, and to go somewhere to find him not very much and wanted. The solution was found quickly. In the barn long lay the old carpet, as usual, wanted to throw it out and put in the attic. So he came in handy. Don’t know what the carpet is different from the characteristics of the geotextiles, but the bottom fit great. A small part of the pit closed the battered oilcloth.

Now it’s time to lay the tape. It is desirable that this was material from the butyl rubber. He has increased strength and a longer service life, more than 30 years. Not all ponds in the country live that long. But if we geotextiles are unable to find, butyl’t even think of steel. In General, this article should have been called “How to make a pond at the dacha far away from Moscow improvised”. It would be a more accurate name. So we used those materials which are in provincial shops and markets.

On hard-Packed sand first, put a transparent film for gardening.

Its thickness should not be less than 300 microns, otherwise it breaks under the weight of water. Calculate the amount of material laying on the bottom of the pit: to the width or length must be added to the depth multiplied by 2. In our case, you will need: width-2 m + 0,8*2=3.6 m, length 3 m + 0,8*2=4.6 m. We purchased 2 cut 4 x 5 meters – one transparent, the other black to the bottom of the pond was dark. It was possible to do in one piece, but the black film thickness of 300 microns were found, the sale was only 120. Theoretically, the life of an ordinary film does not exceed 3 years. Let’s see how it will look in practice, but if possible, buy the stuff made specifically for artificial ponds.

So, let raskataem film from the roll and place on the bottom of the pit. You must work carefully, not breaking the surface and without contaminating it with dirt from shoes. Will ensure that all went smoothly, and the edges have plenty of material. Now will try to remove folds, stretching it from two sides. Cut edges do not hurry, wait until the material is set-up under the water. After we put transparent black polyethylene, also spreading it on the bottom of the pit.

Our pond shoreline will be lined with natural stones that we collected on the streets of the village. Before you lay the stone to the pond, it should be washed under water pressure so that the appearance was better, and the dirt from the stone fell into the pond.

Tucked on one side of the pond foil, cover it with rocks. Can be done on the perimeter of the reservoir and a small trench to hide the edge of the back cover, sod. But it must be done after filling the pit with water.

As we made a supply area. the problems with filling the pond with water, we did not have. Threw a hose in the pit and waited.

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