Installations for industrial cultivation of fish.

We participated in the exhibition Rybpromexpo 2008 (Moscow), which has shown once again that our firm is the market leader in fish, automatic farms built on the principle of RAS. The Basil Krasnoborodko became the winner of the contest: the best ichthyologist and fish farmer the fish industry 2008, and our automatic RAS on the cultivation of fish in city of Riga received a medal as the best innovation in the fishing industry 2008 in Moscow.

We were given such a room, and we built a automatic fishing farm (works without people) for intensive rearing of sturgeon for caviar. Latvia, Riga, 2007. Tested on growing sturgeon (Siberian and Bester), trout, crayfish and eels.

Our professional activity in the field of development and construction of fish farms insured for compensation of potential losses to clients as a result of random errors in the total amount of 1 million Euros. The insurance applies to countries: Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova. More information can be found on the page “information on the company”.

Professor Michael Timmons, Biological and Environmental Engineering Cornell University; Brian Vinci, Ph. D. P. E. Director of Engineering Services for the Freshwater Institute ; Vice President Joseph Hankins of the Conservation Fund, as well as Program Director of the Freshwater Institute. USA; Recirculating Aquaculture Systems Course, 2006. Learning abroad.

– Ep Eding. Aquaculture and Fisheries Wageningen University (the Netherlands ); Recirculation Aquaculture Technology Course, 2006. Learning abroad.

– Yhomas Professor Losordo, Extension Aquaculture Specialist, North Carolina State University USA; Recirculation Aquaculture Technology Course, 2006. Learning abroad.

– Mashav – centre for international cooperation and Cinadko – centre for international agricultural development cooperation Ministry of Agriculture State of Israel, Aquaculture Course, 2004. Learning abroad.

– Professor Vyacheslav Yastrebov. P. P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of the Russian Academy of Sciences. he defended his thesis and worked from 1995 to 2004. Training in Moscow and Ph. D. work.

Amphora”, fully self-contained, not serviced from the outside, live aquarium

– Installation of marine aquariums in offices and homes. The maintenance of sharks in aquariums.

– Sturgeon + Strawberries = a Closed biological system 1993

– Acne is also not a problem. Experiments of cultivation of the eel from glass eel commercial eel sample

– Growing brood stock of sturgeons at high density planting in basins. Israel. The exchange of experience.

Our Mission

Our company is engaged in research and production activities in the field of creation and design of industrial installations for finfish, as well as the promotion and implementation of new developments in the field of fisheries and aquaculture.

Agriculture cannot be profitable by definition, if everything is done correctly. People eat three times a day, the demand for agricultural products is always there and never ends. In the spring you planted one seed, and in the fall received 40 grains. If You correctly planted, tended and harvested the crop, You can’t be in the red.

Of course You do, and the cost of the tractor, diesel fuel, electricity and salaries took into account?

Answer: In Europe, the cost of a tractor, diesel fuel, electricity and salaries many times more than e.g. in Russia. Why Russia is unable to provide itself with food, and import expensive food from Europe?

Answer: Because science is not standing still. You just need to take the latest technology and to do it right.

The former officers are perfect in the role of a farmer on service automatic fish farm built on the principle of recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS) for fish cultivation. They are disciplined, can accurately execute his instructions self fish farms: for example, in this case, do it, and if there be this, I don’t do anything but just give us a call. I recall a case told about a demonstration of a working automated pigsty. The man said open the faucet and turn on the pump for pumping manure. So he did the complete opposite and present the audience mixed with manure. His answer was: “I thought that you first need to turn on the pump and then open valve, and there is no pressure in the line.”

It should be noted that the creation of closed recirculation systems for growing fish requires significant knowledge not only in biology, but even more in physics, mathematics, chemistry and engineering. Therefore, we are actively developing mathematical models describing the behavior of such biological systems, we systematize the accumulated knowledge in these areas and apply them in the implementation of our tasks.

Through such closed systems it is possible to grow any heat-loving fish, which cannot be grown in our climate zone, also, get very high yields by maintaining optimum water parameters and lack of winter. This technology allows to dispose of waste, without polluting the environment. We also develop new methods of automation of fish farming.

We have finished projects for the growing and breeding of sturgeon, trout, eel, crayfish and freshwater shrimp.

This site is a 2 0 0 0 M b (not view!), placed more than 4000 photos of a RAS (recirculating systems for finfish), located in different countries where we were (Israel, Holland, Germany, Hungary, USA, Slovenia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus), videos.

We work for and our customers. We very sincerely rejoice in the successes of our clients. The more we build commercially successful fish farms, the higher our rating, the firm who is designing and building RAS.

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