Modern marine aquarium

A fairly young hobby is marine aquariums. More recently, rare was the purchase of the aquarium with sea inhabitants, are made on a professional level. Such aquariums differed bulky and complex equipment, and to monitor the water parameters were used for chemical tests. Need to be an expert in order to keep such an aquarium. Difficult and painstaking the process was to care for the aquarium. But things are changing!

Care of marine aquarium today, even a novice aquarist. For control and analysis of water parameters are applied automatic systems, there is auto water change and start the spare pump in case of an accident with the main pump. Video marine aquarium and control functions available on the website, where you can monitor their Pets in real time, and correction parameters can be performed using your mobile phone or via the Internet. Aquarium computers and additional devices are simply necessary for normal functioning of marine life.

For example, in the absence of the emergency pump and in the event of failure of the primary, after a few hours of sea animals will start to die. But if you went away for a few days, then returning, will observe not very pleasant picture. A spare pump will not allow tonkosejanyj the life of your pet but also saves your money, nerves and time. Using automatic control of water parameters can be controlled by salinity, pH, redox potential, temperature, etc.

To adjust the described parameters manually, you need to carry out many manipulations to perform tests and configure hardware. Analysis of water manually – already the last century, today the Maritime aquarium, clean water, in which live marine animals, characterized by vivid color and cheerful behavior requires little effort in the content.

As noted by professional aquarists, automatic water change for marine life will lead to osmotic shock, because it is made daily in small portions. Ultimately, it improves the health of marine animals, corals and fish, and increases the duration of their lives.

Many companies, whose professional activity is the execution of large aquariums and custom automation currently on the market of aquarium services. Companies engaged in the sale and production of standard aquariums do not offer services for automation systems. If they are willing to deal with such a question, as a rule, such a task seems difficult, since the main focus of their activities is mass production. And in such conditions it is very difficult sometimes to find enough time to do the setup, debugging and designing of aquarium computers and the necessary equipment.

In addition, to comply with an aquarium on the order is not really appropriate when the model manufacture and shop are in one person. This means that basically, the store presents quite a narrow range of manufacturers. In the global market efficient and more high-tech equipment is represented by a large number of companies. At best, your aquarium will be stocked a standard aquacomputer with disabilities and complex settings.

Today is not a problem the purchase of the aquarium. But to ensure good life of the inhabitants, protection from accidents, easy and quick maintenance and care, you need to create the aquarium based on the principles of Autonomous life support. The objective of the companies involved in the aquarium industry is not only the design and decoration of the aquarium, but also selection of the necessary equipment.

System “AquaDigitalLife” . the development of Aquacoral, modern is an interesting solution to the complex of unique features for automating aquariums. Using the system you can control the water parameters, equipment, emergency starting equipment, avtopodstavy, control by a web-camera, autodonation minerals and other useful and necessary functions.

The control of serviceability of equipment is a unique feature of this product, which is not present in any other aquacomputer. For continuous monitoring of equipment operation of the tank and is monitoring the performance of equipment . in case of malfunction of any element: – sends a message with information about fault – starts the backup pump if the main is broken, – connects backup power if the electricity has been disconnected, – monitors the leakage current.

The automation system of the aquarium “AquaDigitalLife”

Three-dimensional model of the system components with the ability to control via touch panel – this is another very handy and unique innovation, which has a system AquaDigitalLife. The condition of the aquarium and equipment, necessary water parameters are always displayed and available online, and control parameters can be done quickly via the Internet.

The manufacturer configures, tests and calibrates each system “AquaDigitalLife”. Owners of aquariums don’t need to learn complex instructions, the product is ready to use. According to the manufacturers, the system is designed to manage a large aquarium, which could be very hard to do manual water changes or manual analysis of the water parameters, and on the inadmissibility of emergency situations.

Modern automated aquarium can rid of the stress associated with care, will bring joy to the owner and provide a comfortable existence for the inhabitants of the underwater.

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