Most dangerous animals of Australia


Australia is a country of vast open spaces and pristine beauty. It is home to some of the most poisonous and dangerous predators of the world. The survivors after meeting with them can tell amazing stories. Scene from a horror movie, become for a small child a scary reality, and a great athlete Australia learns that life in the city is not safe.

Red bellied black snake

Rufous-backed spider

The box jellyfish

The box jellyfish

In the tropics in Northern Australia poseti wildlife, flows a quiet river calliope. On this river there are many tourists and swimmers. When it was a favorite place for bathing of a decade Rachel and her family, but more here they don’t float. About the terrible accident, when Rachel barely survived, they remember with horror.

Relatives of the girl wanted to go to the river, and she no, it have always been afraid of crocodiles and other creatures. In this river of salt water are found the most venomous and dangerous creature in the world – the box jellyfish. Usually they don’t sail far from shore, preferring peace: beautiful sandy beaches, mangrove swamps etc. And on that fateful summer day, a quiet shallow calliope river, was the perfect feeding place for this dangerous jellyfish. Girl knows how mezosaprobic, she grew up here. Perfectly realized than they were dangerous and did not expect to encounter them in the river in 25 km from the sea. Rachel with her brother swam in the river, from parents sailed on 50 metres. After 5 -10 minutes, Rachel was screaming that around her foot swims some fish that someone bites. These creatures cause terrible pain. First, after being bitten people throw up their hands in the water to find out who bit them, and then their other hands stinging tentacles. Feeling the pain, people pulled his hands out of the water and carry out tentacles through the body. Seeing that brother pulls Rachel out of the water, the family has decided that they stepped on stones and something hurt in the water, but I could not think that she was attacked by some animal. Rachel lay on the banks of the river covered in tentacles. These, covered with mucus, how many tentacles were on her both feet on his stomach, on his arm. Tried to take them off, although this is not cost, because they can sting, but the tentacles were not filmed. As with any other on the planet jellyfish, big jellyfish have nematocysts. In fact, this capsule, within which is rolled a thread, sort of semi needle for subcutaneous sprayers. They are under incredible pressure. Upon contact, the thread spins out and shoots, which is full of poison capsule, and at the end – a needle for subcutaneous injections. Further, sprashivaetsya poison through the body, through the capillaries it enters the veins and arteries and moves directly to the heart of man. Didn’t take long, since Rachel was pulled out of the water, but her condition quickly deteriorated. The poison was distributed through the bloodstream, causing breathing difficulties. She could stop your heart. Rachel became pale, hands began to turn blue, she rolled her eyes.

Luckily help was near. On the banks of the river rested a couple of tourists. The man said it was the box jellyfish. His wife ran to the caravan for vinegar and luckily, he was there. They have watered them all the tentacles. When interacting with vinegar they release the victim. Rachel said that she was short of breath. If after being bitten by a large jellyfish death occurs, it happens within 120-160 seconds. Not one other creature on the planet is not able to kill a man, as a major box jellyfish.

When a couple of tourists inside the box jellyfish, they said that there is a network in the car and go without waiting for the ambulance. Better to intercept her on the way because there is no time. At the moment the area around her mouth a little already turning blue. Less than 2-3 minutes, realized she was not breathing. She did CPR and performed CPR. They called an ambulance. In a few minutes later, the ambulance arrived. Before leading Rachel to the hospital they gave her the antidote.

All the way Rachel was unconscious. She has a ball of agony, she writhed from the pain, rolled her eyes, it was impossible to establish eye contact. She was put in a medically induced coma and lowered body temperature. It was icy to the touch. On the plane she was taken to Brisman. There, she spent two days in an induced coma. The doctors were concerned due to the fact that after the attack there was no heartbeat for 8 minutes. Because she was unconscious and wasn’t breathing, could affect the brain. This poison enough to kill six men. After anxious wait, the doctors finally revealed Rachel from coma.

The next five weeks, Rachel was confined to a hospital bed. Feet were terrible scars from the bites of jellyfish. She needed round the clock care, but it’s incredibly long-term side effects Rachel was not much. Her intelligence is not affected in any way, and feet were terrible scars. The box jellyfish has bitten the entire left leg and upper right leg. Worst of all fared with the popliteal fossa. She was offered a skin graft. She is proud of the scars, very few people can boast of having survived something. She’s one of the few who survived after such bites. Rachel doesn’t remember that day, but her miraculous escape changed the attitude of her relatives to their family.

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