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How to make a pond at the cottage

How to make a pond in the country – this thought at least once arose every owner of a country house. It’s so nice on a summer evening to sit by the water, relax after a busy day, to dream about the future. We, too, were no exception. Once you purchased a land with a house in the countryside, this idea is firmly lodged in our heads. Says Zarathustra, thoughts are material, if long time about something to dream, will come true. So, after reading books on landscape design and after studying dozens of websites, we decided to follow our dreams in life. How to make a pond at the cottage and what came out of it, as you will learn after reading this article.


To arrange an artificial pond in any place of the suburban area. You need to figure in mind which corner of the garden you’ve always imagined. But, it is desirable, that nearby there were no big trees, as their root system may damage the film, which we will cover the bottom, and the leaves will be constantly falling into the water. You also need to include a system of trails leading to the pond, and the area near it. We chose a place in front of the house, next to the flower bed to surface water, the beauty and smell of flowers has restored our strength and uplifting. Continue reading


Description: Sharks belong to the Cartilaginous Class, of the elasmobranch Subclass, Superorder of Sharks. They are widely distributed in all seas and oceans and are found even in fresh water. They live both in coastal shallow waters and in the open ocean and at great depths. Currently there are more than 300 species of sharks but only some species play a significant role in commercial fisheries. In Europe, America, Africa, Australia and in several other countries, sharks are commonly used to produce food products, fodder flour and fat.

Use in cooking: the Meat of the shark is white or slightly pinkish, juicy and pleasant to look at. However, many species of shark meat taste bitter-sour, and contained ammonia and trimethylamine give it an unpleasant smell. Therefore eating such meat can be eaten only after special treatment. It boils down to the fact that fish meat is cut into small pieces and soaked for 1-1. 5 hours in water or 1% solution of acetic or citric acid. The most delicious dishes out of fresh meat. Shark meat immediately after the catch, so it is not lost their taste, salted, or frozen. On sale it comes in fresh, in ice cream, in salt form.

In home cooking it is used in various processing. Meat and fins are boiled soups, which are regarded as a delicacy. It can be baked and stewed with vegetables, with mushrooms, tomatoes and sour cream. Meat roasted on the grill (steaks), pan-fried or deep-fried, and frying for breading use nuts, breadcrumbs, corn flour, batter, etc. To ready the meat is served with different sauces and garnish – boiled or baked vegetables. Continue reading

Plants garden pond and stocking

For planting by the pond is best to choose perennial plants that every year I had something to plant. The pond plant low perennials, then plant medium height, and so ascending. This will help to decorate the pond so tall instances do not cover low-growing plants, and not hung over the pond. Coastal pond plants create a showy landscape framing of the object and maintain its biological balance. Due to the fact that their rhizomes submerged in water, and the tops are above water, winter-hardy types of pond plants are perfectly enrich the water with oxygen, which is particularly important for fishes during winter.

Near the pond look beautiful shrubs and tall grass with the falling branches:

Coastal pond plants can be planted in the ground in close proximity to a pond (in wet soil), water, to a depth of 25 cm In the design of the pond often use marigold. She has a very beautiful yellow flowers, and to plant it near a water body and shallow water. Pond plants serve a protective function – to protect the water from flowering and overheating. Also, pond plants saturate the water with oxygen, removes harmful substances, harmful impact on the ecosystem of the pond. What types of reservoirs are and how vibratech size and shape here . Continue reading

Which fish can live in the aquarium

The aquarium is beautiful. And useful for psychological health. So your tank was beautiful, and you get the pleasure of observing its inhabitants, find out what kind of fish you can get. That’s what we will tell

Aquarium fish

Breeding some species of fish for decorative purposes began in Ancient China around 1500 BC, Since then many scientists have succeeded in hybridization of aquarium fish and even brought a few new breeds.

Today in the aquariums of many fans and professionals to meet representatives of the following families:






Pomacentridae Continue reading

The appearance of the sword

Swordtails, enough, large fish. In nature the female can reach a size of 15 cm, and the male is 10 cm In the aquarium their size is somewhat smaller – 5.8 cm

As a rule, the female larger than the male, the mouth is upturned for better feeding from the water surface. Coloration of the males brighter than females. A characteristic feature of males is elongate lower caudal fin rays, resembling a sword, and having a black color.

During the breeding swordtails have been bred with different color and shape of the fins. But we will show in the end.

Features of the content I had swordtails in the aquarium

Swordtails fairly undemanding fish. They can live together in aquariums, where they make up about 3 litres of water. In addition, the sword feels better in long tanks, not less than 30 cm In General for the maintenance of a group of swordsmen required a spacious and elongated aquarium. Continue reading

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