Fish clowns description features of life

In warm shallow water coral seas of the Pacific and Indian oceans, between the thick tentacles of sea anemones – sea anemones, scurrying back and forth live and colorful Fish clowns – Amphiprion (this edition Bloch & Schneider, 1801). These amazing fish boldly live where others find their final resting place – in the arms of the deadly tentacles of anemones (Anemone-Antique four-color (Entacmaea quadricolor Rppell & Leuckart, 1828).

World famous fish-clowns brought the cartoon “finding Nemo” – remember bright orange fish with white stripes? This clown Fish bychkovoy (this edition ocellaris Cuvier, 1830). The millions of viewers who are far from aquarium or marine biology, I learned about the inhabitant of the distant tropics, rooting for his release from the aquarium.

The paradox is that Amphiprion are the most popular marine aquarium fish in the United States. However, the cartoon not told surprising facts about “unexpected” fishes-clowns …

It turns out that Fish clowns Amphiprion form a couple for life, however, is only the tip of the iceberg … All clown fish are born males first! And only with age they change sex to become females Continue reading

How dangerous inhabitants of the red sea.

1. In the Red sea found several species of sharks. They are few in Egyptian territorial waters, but they occur off the coast of Sudan. Sharks often swim with schools of fish, and therefore in the open sea is to stay away from schools of fish away. In case you get hurt, we need to get out of the water. If a shark swims towards you, don’t try to escape. Swim straight at the shark and then quickly escaped when approaching, leave in the direction. If all else fails, hit the shark with your foot or grab her fin and swim with a shark until you see the opportunity to float away from her.

2. The danger to humans and ocean pike – a Barracuda. Barracudas feed on fish, but large individuals may attack a person, especially if he swims in muddy water and the Barracuda will take him for fish. Deaths in attack Barracuda is not fixed, but to cripple this fish can be quite serious. The wounds inflicted by the Barracuda, must be treated with disinfectants and consult a doctor.

3. The most common dweller of the coral reef – Moray. Despite the fearsome appearance, morays are shy and quite spokenreasons on camera flash, unless, of course, not to tease. It is worth noting that, clutching the victim, Moray payload of the jaws to until remain alive. If the attack occurred, it is necessary to treat the wound disinfecting means and will go to the doctor. Continue reading

Create a design for aquarium catfish

Hello friends! Catfish are indispensable attribute of almost any aquarium. Quite often you can hear aquarists by their ignorance and inexperience will buy little catfish and then go. After a couple of months small and harmless soma becoming serious “pigs” bringing chaos and other minor problems in the aquarium. Today we will talk about how to make the design of the tank for the catfish.

When catfish get older, they can devour smaller fish and bigger kinfolk. Many representatives prefer aquatic vegetation, as they grow older begin to eat the young shoots. Almost all soma residents of night, and their peak activity occurs in the dark. During the day they usually hide in nooks and calmly rest, gaining strength before the night. They are activated only in the evening hours. If the night you guys it has nothing to do with twilight catfish can still be something to create, for example, to cut their rations.

If you are planning to get yourself domovnik, you will need an aquarium at least 200 liters. Aquarium aeration and filtration is a compulsory point in the banks of this nature. Also don’t forget about the mandatory obogrevala, bought a solid heater capable of maintaining in the tank the water temperature 24-27 degrees. For comunica bright lighting is not a mandatory attribute, it is better to light was dim. But still, as a variant, create the aquarium a decent amount of hiding places, otherwise you day your Pets will not see on the walk. Continue reading


Today, rural life has become more comfortable and enjoyable, and increasingly instead of slender beds of potatoes, carrots and tomatoes on the site there are various facilities for a pleasant stay. One of the fascinating and practical practice is the cultivation of fish in ponds. And if you are also thinking about how to make a pond for fish with your hands, you should learn the basic ways of realization of this idea. In Tatarstan there are already some farms are engaged in breeding fish. Take the example and act.


In order to properly make a pond for fish farming, you must consider some tips:

• Be aware that for small-sized reservoirs need serious care, and the facility is very large ponds is quite expensive. Therefore, the optimal size of the reservoir for fish are considered the parameters within 25-50 sqm

• To create a pond for fish suitable outdoor area, so that during the day part of him was illuminated, and the second in the shade. Do not place the pond in low-lying parts of the site, otherwise avoid its flooding. Continue reading

The hydrogen sulfide in the Black sea

Black sea . shining under the rays of the warm southern sun – what could be better? Huge, alluring, clean, clear and incredibly beautiful… Surely these words come to mind for each of us at the very thought of this sea – the source of inspiration of poets, and favorite vacation spot of many modern citizens. But few know that at the bottom of the warm sea with the proud name of Black lurking danger of death – lifeless abyss, filled with poisonous, flammable, explosive gas with a disgusting smell of rotten eggs.

In the large-scale Oceanographic expeditions made in the distant 1890, it was found that about 90% of the volume of the sea is filled with hydrogen sulfide and only 10% is clean water, not contaminated with poisonous gas. In the lower layer of the sea not able to survive neither animals nor plants, and can exist only in certain types of bacteria. Deadly gas fills up a huge space, killing every living thing in its path. The entire volume of sea water is divided into two parts, the surface water can reach the bottom of the sea only after hundreds of years. This property is unique in whole world there is no sea without a solid bottom. Continue reading

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Types of aquarium fish.
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