Freshwater tropical fish

Freshwater tropical fish, as their name suggests, originate in freshwater rivers and lakes in the warmer parts of the world, especially in South America and Central Africa.

There are literally tens of thousands of species of freshwater tropical fish with new ones. find almost every day. With such a vast variety of fish, each living in its own special environment, it’s easy to see why the owners of the fish is never lost for new areas to learn and new problems to possess.

The names of the fish.

All fish classified by the ‘binomial system’ (two names). First have a last name or generic name should always be written with initial capital letters. This is accompanied by the species name/s – which should always all be written by lowercase letters, (both names ideally all in italics).

Thus tetrazona Barbus and Barbus oligolepis are two different species within the genus Barbus. Most fish do, however, also has an easier common name. Barbus tetrazona, for example, commonly known as the Prong or Prongs of the Sumatran Tiger.

There are more than twenty families usually contained freshwater and tropical fish within each family can be thousands of species – often living in chilenoticias the environment. Family Cichlidae (cichlids), for example, do you think there are more than 1,000 different varieties, available only in some large African lakes. Continue reading

Not a predatory fish

Not a predatory fish and the fishing is in the heat of summer has its own distinctive features from catching predators. I am with a fellow fisherman on a little Bayou a great local river. The water temperature is very high, and the activity of the fish reached a peak. We came here to catch bass. From jig lures this time use jig head with a skirt Skirted Jigs and the bait. Caught a few perch, cautiously approaching the broad belt of water lilies. Here an event occurs which has opened for us a whole new kind of fishing. Our baits are perch, and very large the redeye. Since then, we have more intensively engaged in this type of fishing.

Find “hot” places

It was not a random phenomenon, because in the following weeks this was repeated at various reservoirs. The difficulty was to find the right choice for such fishing. Still we fished exclusively predatory fish, so now were forced to change tactics. I quickly established that such fishing is possible only in the immediate vicinity of the dense bottom vegetation. Continue reading

Typical predatory sharks

In the view of most people, the shark – ruthless, powerful and cunning predator, silently emerging from the depths and making rapid throw to the victim. Out of 460 species selachii many absolutely not fit such a description. Among the fish belonging to the superorder of sharks, a lot is quite small, less than a meter long (mustelids, barbed, cat).

Among them are the inhabitants of the seabed or deep water depths, with some extravagant form and the same name (“Chimera”, “brownies” and other “vermin”).

Some ocean wanderer, despite its impressive size, feed mainly on plankton. In the proposed section, we present just about the most typical kinds of predatory sharks, in full compliance with our preconceived notions about them.

What is a typical predatory shark?

Most of these hunters prefer the main production schooling fish (herring, sardine, mackerel, tuna) or cephalopods (squid). However, due to its large size they are a danger to humans. But on account of some of them many human lives. Continue reading


Makropody not be as popular as gourami or petitory. But makropody too are members of the species labyrinth fishes and they don’t need the snag .

Makropody – it is peaceful aquarium fish and peacefully coexist with snails. However, if their long to feed, snails are the first to go

Let’s try to gather a bit more information about these fun fish aquarium.

You can just watch a video about makropody:

The structure makropody

Females are shorter than males: 6 cm and 8 cm, respectively. Males are more brightly colored and sharper and elongated unpaired fins. The color intensity increases with the increase of water temperature and agitation of the fish.

Coloration and pattern: the Male gold-brown. Body dark transverse bands (start from the back and do not reach the belly). Dorsal and anal fins are light blue on the tips of bright red dots. Females are more pale, with short fins and a full belly. Continue reading

Most dangerous animals of Australia


Australia is a country of vast open spaces and pristine beauty. It is home to some of the most poisonous and dangerous predators of the world. The survivors after meeting with them can tell amazing stories. Scene from a horror movie, become for a small child a scary reality, and a great athlete Australia learns that life in the city is not safe.

Red bellied black snake

Rufous-backed spider

The box jellyfish

The box jellyfish

In the tropics in Northern Australia poseti wildlife, flows a quiet river calliope. On this river there are many tourists and swimmers. When it was a favorite place for bathing of a decade Rachel and her family, but more here they don’t float. About the terrible accident, when Rachel barely survived, they remember with horror. Continue reading

How dangerous inhabitants of the red sea.
1. In the Red sea found several species of sharks. They are few in Egyptian territorial waters, but they occur off the coast of Sudan. Sharks often swim with schools…

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When and how to feed the fish?
The fish in the ponds begin to feed in may. Feed fish when the water temperature in the pond will reach the food threshold 12-15C and will last like this…

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Types of aquarium fish.
Jewel is characterized by protruding scales, like the reflected light on the pearl. Goldfish very often contain pools parks and gardens. The content of goldfish in aquariums is quite difficult,…

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