Plants garden pond and stocking

For planting by the pond is best to choose perennial plants that every year I had something to plant. The pond plant low perennials, then plant medium height, and so ascending. This will help to decorate the pond so tall instances do not cover low-growing plants, and not hung over the pond. Coastal pond plants create a showy landscape framing of the object and maintain its biological balance. Due to the fact that their rhizomes submerged in water, and the tops are above water, winter-hardy types of pond plants are perfectly enrich the water with oxygen, which is particularly important for fishes during winter.

Near the pond look beautiful shrubs and tall grass with the falling branches:

Coastal pond plants can be planted in the ground in close proximity to a pond (in wet soil), water, to a depth of 25 cm In the design of the pond often use marigold. She has a very beautiful yellow flowers, and to plant it near a water body and shallow water. Pond plants serve a protective function – to protect the water from flowering and overheating. Also, pond plants saturate the water with oxygen, removes harmful substances, harmful impact on the ecosystem of the pond. What types of reservoirs are and how vibratech size and shape here .

Sometimes next to ornamental pond installing a garden sculpture or an arrangement of stones and driftwood.

Planting of plants on the ledges of the pond

The upper ledge in shallow water (up to ¼ of the maximum depth)can colonize wetland plants – the cowslip, airom, dwarf rush and other. To do this on the bench you can have a box of well-Packed soil or a special filler.

On the lower ledges well will feel vodokras and water chestnuts in pots. In the deep place containers with water lilies(lilies pond fishing) – Queens reservoirs. They are always the center of the composition, do not require complex care and the summer delight the eye with bright colorful flowers. However, they should be planted in a quiet pond, as beautiful lilies do not like splashing and feel well only on a stationary mirror surface. They can’t grow under the jets of the fountain or reservoir with active water movement.

On the deep drop underwater ledges and water plants that don’t need soil – they will absorb all the required nutrients directly from water. Place them directly in the gravel, sand and pots. Common pond fishing plants are water hyacinth, water walnut, piste, lyagushatnik.

To plant a plant, in may, before the summer they managed to survive and take root.

Formal pond

A pond free contours

A pond free contours together with other decorative elements of the garden. In this pond must be coastal plants that could conceal its boundaries. Not every style of garden design can fit a natural pond framed with lush coastlines, imitating the wild. This soft, natural style appropriate to the landscape or the rural areas of landscape design.

The depth of the pond

The size of the pond depend on what plants will be used for registration. For example:

for large water lilies – the depth should be at least 70 cm

for average height of plants is the depth of 35-45 cm

for small water lilies – the depth of 15-20 cm

for cattail (Typha) and bulrush (Scirpus) enough depth in 10 cm

For a small lake, which area exceeds 9 square meters, the depth is necessary to do from 60 cm to meters, so water heating was slow and uniform.

Fish for pond

An important stage in the construction of a pond – stocking. It all depends on your preferences. If you want to enjoy the waterfront and spend time near the pond, talking with its inhabitants, will suit your decorative pond fish:


Koi carp

colored carp

Colored carp pond – fish with bright color, they will always be visible in your pond. Carp reproduce quickly and can easily tolerate winter in the reservoir. Colored carp suitable for resettlement in a pond of any size, from small to large. This is a very undemanding fish, and each spring they will be good addition to the family – a bright bustling fry.

Koi carp is the king of a country pond. He has a high level of intelligence. Koi create a “coalition” in the pond, you are able to recognize their owners and love to take food right out of hands. This is an unusual entertainment will appeal to you and your guests.

If you are not averse to fish on the Bank its own reservoir and then have a picnic with the fish caught, then you will be suitable for stocking:


common carp



white or black Cupid

common carp

Silver carp and white Amur, in addition to its culinary value, perfectly clean water in the pond from the green slime and ooze.

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