Description: Sharks belong to the Cartilaginous Class, of the elasmobranch Subclass, Superorder of Sharks. They are widely distributed in all seas and oceans and are found even in fresh water. They live both in coastal shallow waters and in the open ocean and at great depths. Currently there are more than 300 species of sharks but only some species play a significant role in commercial fisheries. In Europe, America, Africa, Australia and in several other countries, sharks are commonly used to produce food products, fodder flour and fat.

Use in cooking: the Meat of the shark is white or slightly pinkish, juicy and pleasant to look at. However, many species of shark meat taste bitter-sour, and contained ammonia and trimethylamine give it an unpleasant smell. Therefore eating such meat can be eaten only after special treatment. It boils down to the fact that fish meat is cut into small pieces and soaked for 1-1. 5 hours in water or 1% solution of acetic or citric acid. The most delicious dishes out of fresh meat. Shark meat immediately after the catch, so it is not lost their taste, salted, or frozen. On sale it comes in fresh, in ice cream, in salt form.

In home cooking it is used in various processing. Meat and fins are boiled soups, which are regarded as a delicacy. It can be baked and stewed with vegetables, with mushrooms, tomatoes and sour cream. Meat roasted on the grill (steaks), pan-fried or deep-fried, and frying for breading use nuts, breadcrumbs, corn flour, batter, etc. To ready the meat is served with different sauces and garnish – boiled or baked vegetables.

From spices using ginger, thyme, oregano, celery, parsley, dill, saffron, garlic, chilli, paprika, sweet pepper, black pepper, soy sauce, mustard, horseradish, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, tomato paste, etc.

The most delicious meat is meat such shark species as:

KATRAN: This medium-sized shark, for a person in water poses no threat, even bathing in places, abounding with that shark. Shark is edible, it is tasty and fatty meat, has no specific smell of ammonia and is valued even higher than herring. Meat Katran made balyk, tastes like a smoked sturgeon. The liver is used for sweat furnace medical fat, rich in vitamins A and D. shark fishing This is produced in large quantities in Japan, China, England, Norway and several other countries. Listed in the red book.

SALMON SHARK: For humans, this shark is not dangerous. Has a delicious meat, is the object of commercial fisheries. Listed in the red book.

SHARK MACKEREL: Has a delicious meat and is the object of commercial fisheries. The meat of porbeagle does not require additional processing. Listed in the red book.

SHARK SOUP: the name it received due to the fact that its fins (like the fins of other sharks) are used in Chinese cuisine for cooking delicious soup. Due to the high prices of it even call it “gray gold”. Hepatic fat some soupfin sharks has a high content of vitamins A and D, and during the second world war, when fishing areas of cod in the North Atlantic was not available, off the West coast of America quickly developed fishery.

MAKO SHARK: it is called Atlantic blue-gray shark. It is dangerous for people bathing, as sometimes approaching the shore.

SHARK SAW: meat Has a good taste and much appreciated.

SHARK CAT COMMON: the meat Is edible and some is used by local fisheries.

CUNHA JAPANESE SHARK: This shark is the object of commercial fishing in Japan and China

The ARCTIC SHARK: this shark Meat can be stored for future use in salt or smoked. The liver of these sharks is used to produce highly enriched technical fat, and after meat processing into fodder fish flour.

This is interesting: the vision of sharks is weak, they are unable to distinguish colors. Therefore, sharks in search of food the sense of smell plays such an important role, as the perception of using seismosensornoi system, through the organs of the lateral line, vibration of water. As shown by the experiments conducted with the sharks in captivity, they (even artificially blinded) distinguish the most minor changes in the chemical composition of water and immediately close to the place where the water dropped pieces of fish, another food or poured a colorless extract is obtained from the feed substances, but especially strongly they were attracted by fresh blood, even in the minimal concentration.

Sharks are so sensitive to any changes that they cause to activity even added to the pool water, which was kept scared and fragile fish. This occurs due to increased income in water product of metabolism, which is excreted by the excited victim at the same time with vibration caused by sudden movements, which is far spread in the water at a significant rate, and this was immediately hungry sharks increased activity. These can explain the instant appearance of sharks around a bleeding fish or wallowing in fear of the swimmer.

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