Start the fish in a decorative pond.

Who will live in the pond – a matter of taste. Fish fish alike. Some good, some useful, others delicious. Get to know them.

If You want to have in the pond fish, keep in mind that the depth of the pond should be at least one meter. The important factor is the water surface area.

The smaller the volume, the smaller the fish and the size and quantity can contain in it. It is considered that the content of one fish length of 15 cm you need 50 litres of water.

Here is calculated the number of fish. If you are having trouble with counting, you can consult in the store when buying fish.

First of all, you need to prepare the pool. If you plan to winter the fish, the pond should be a depth of 120 cm with an area of 4 square meters.

Plant pond plants, both floating and growing in the water. Be sure to make the fish shelters so that they feel as comfortable as possible. When the pond is ready, it’s time to start selecting the fish.


2C194″ /% Ideal for beginners. They are undemanding in care, often rise to the surface, allowing you to enjoy yourself. Reproduce rapidly and can over populate a pond.

Also goldfish are available and in financial terms. Even the low cost allows you to buy almost anyone who has an ornamental pond.

Exist and breed with another color – yellow”Canaries” spotted “Orioles”, a matte creamy white “Pearls”. In favorable conditions, and spacious ponds goldfish grow to 40 cm in length and can live 20 years.


The bleak is a long. a very compressed body. acute 2C194″ /% rib in the abdominal area. posterior and ventral fins.

H lusty powerful regardless of small size ; pharyngeal teeth on each side seven. They are arranged in two rows and whisk them tapered. slightly serrated and on top of a bent hook .

Appearance bleak is beautiful. especially when rotated on a Sunny day and a flash of its silvery scales .

The back is greyish — blue with a green tinge ; sides and belly silvery white with strong luster.

Brisk silver fish that swim near the surface, jumping out of the water to catch insects. They eat vegetation, so start them well in overgrown pond.

Carp Koi.

2C180″ /%For these fish need a pond more than the standard and depth not less than 2 meters. Since the species of ornamental fish love to swim and they need a large area.

Koi has a bright red coloring. Main colors color: white, red, yellow, cream, black, blue and orange.

In terms of feeding Koi is not whimsical, and very often get used to people and even give to stroke. Just give yourself the Koi to feed from your hands.

The best time to buy Koi.

Spring is a very important time when you can see the condition of the Koi, as the fish in the winter chilly, exhausting the reserves of fat and lipids. All stocks in the spring the fish begin to recover. and with increasing T different bacteria and parasites become active.

To buy healthy Koi for your pond you should pay attention to the following:

On integrity and the lack of irritation on the skin of the fish;

Inspect the fins for parasites (white spots);

Proper quarantine.

Should not buy one fish, she will be restless and ill-accustomed. After shopping at the store it is desirable to arrange the quarantine.

Aquarium filled with pond water and keep fish in it a week. If all the individuals are healthy, from the aquarium they are placed in a package with water and dipped into the pond.

This is to ensure that the temperature in the pack gradually caught up with the water temperature in the pond. Then the fish released. First, they will hide, then will float towards the surface.

Feeding the fish correctly.

To feed the fish twice a day preferably at the same time. To ensure that food does not remain. The stores sold a special food that floats.

If for 10 – 15 minutes fish did not eat all the excess removed, so they do not pollute the pond. You should also remove fallen leaves, branches and other debris.

Over time, the pond will heal your life, there will be mosquito larvae, will grow plants and fish will need less fertilizing. If the food remains uneaten, you need to put the fish to one meal. Do it better in the middle of the day.

When buying fish you should think about buying equipment for pool maintenance. It filters, compressors, aerators, pumps. All of this is sold in stores, and experts will advise on your questions.

If Your winters mild, the pond depth is not less than 2 metres, you can leave the fish for the winter. During the winter to keep the pond from freezing completely. If winters are harsh, the fish should be moved indoors until spring.

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