The appearance of the sword

Swordtails, enough, large fish. In nature the female can reach a size of 15 cm, and the male is 10 cm In the aquarium their size is somewhat smaller – 5.8 cm

As a rule, the female larger than the male, the mouth is upturned for better feeding from the water surface. Coloration of the males brighter than females. A characteristic feature of males is elongate lower caudal fin rays, resembling a sword, and having a black color.

During the breeding swordtails have been bred with different color and shape of the fins. But we will show in the end.

Features of the content I had swordtails in the aquarium

Swordtails fairly undemanding fish. They can live together in aquariums, where they make up about 3 litres of water. In addition, the sword feels better in long tanks, not less than 30 cm In General for the maintenance of a group of swordsmen required a spacious and elongated aquarium.

The water in the aquarium should be in the range 18-26°C, acidity of water is pH 7-8, hardness – 8 – 25 dH. Fish are holding in the upper and middle layers of water. The color and type of soil for them is not important. Swordtails like clean water, so it is recommended a thorough water filtration, and regular water changes up to one third of the volume of the aquarium. Of plants recommended limnophila of Indian, bestanca, myriophyllum. Zadnichenko looks of gear Elodea, camaby. On the surface looks good riccia.

The behavior of swordtails in the aquarium

Swordtails are generally peaceful fish and get along with most other fish species, including size and temperament. In the aquarium you should not keep more than three males, otherwise they will compete with each other. The sword is celebrated one amazing property. Due to favorable conditions – overcrowding females, the long absence of males, females transform into males. They grow the lower rays of the tail, and appears gonopodium. Reverse transformation (from male to female) not marked.

What and how to feed the sword

Swordtails are not picky for food, that is why they can advise the novice and not particularly active akvariumistam. The main criterion for the feeding of the sword is the variety in food. Typically this is achieved by alternation of feeding different types of food – live, dry, vegetable. In the end, there are three main types of feed that you need to alternate:

• Dry food who can buy at the pet store;

• Vegetable food, generally prepare yourself. It’s shredded lettuce, seaweed, spinach, nettle. Use young leaves. Before cutting the leaves pour over boiling water.

• Live foods – bloodworm, mosquito larvae, Daphnia, Artemia, Cyclops and Tubifex. Tubifex should be cut.

Not zealous with feeding, in order to avoid excess feed not eaten and as a result of contamination of the water in the aquarium.

From custom feeding, you can consider the following options:

– boiled yolk;

– boiled fish (sliced);

– squids (chopped);

– dried comminuted bread;

– sliced lean meat.

Breeding aquarium fish – swordtails

Breeding swordtails is not difficult, rather if you follow all the conditions, they will be fruitful themselves. Males are distinguished from females usually brighter coloration and the presence of lengthening in the lower part of the tail. Female swordtails are viviparous fish, the fish immediately appears of females are born.

Female destinet puberty 6-8 months. But, surprisingly, the female even at a younger age can be fertilized by the male, i.e., before the onset of puberty. The sperm of the male will stay female until you fertilize it. After single insemination, the female can give birth to a few times. The sword has the tendency to be reborn, that is, to change your gender.

The pregnancy of a goldfish lasts about 30-35 days. Usually visually noticeable that the female’s abdomen has grown. About 2 days before the expected delivery date female the swordsman must be out. It is desirable that the conditions of detention did not differ from that of aquarium. You must put a female with a little greenery anyway. The vegetation will act as a deterrent for future fry. After birth, the mother may eat them, so the fry will look for an opportunity to escape, and will help the plants. The number of fry can be more than 100 pieces. After the female swordsman gave birth, it must be deposited back into the aquarium. The fry grow and develop for the first time by themselves. All this is done for their safety, as in the aquarium they can eat. Feeding the fry can be the same dry food, but additionally shredded. Next, we describe about feeding Malov more.

How and what to feed the fry swordtails

On the first day the fry should not eat. On the second day after birth can be given carefully mashed egg yolk or dry Daphnia (well pounded). Suitable bred Artemia. This crayfish, is very nutritious for fish, which will affect their early growth and good health. In the second week of life, the fry can start feeding them bloodworms, Daphnia and Cyclops.

Initially, the fry can be reborn both in females and in males. The dependence of rebirth depends on the temperature of the water in the aquarium. If it is closer to 30 degrees, it will be reborn more males, if closer to 20 females will be more.

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