The pond with his hands

A pond with their hands and care

How to build a swimming pool at the dacha with his hands

Before you start building at their summer cottage swimming pool, You will need to decide what your own pool, and for what purposes You will use it.

It is also necessary to decide where to build this pool in the house or in the yard.

Pool or pond

To say in the hot summer, that we the inhabitants of the Nordic countries, will be a blatant deception.

Many owners of country houses wish to organize on his plot at least a small picturesque pond libasan.

The construction of the pond at the cottage

If the water exceeds an area of 3.5 m2, it is possible along with a variety of aquatic plants to plant in it yet and the big fish.

Future pond it would be nice to have on a Sunny, but not blown open space and not close to trees with luxuriant foliage.

Thus it is desirable to be near a water source for easy filling and electricity necessary for the operation of fountains and waterfalls.

After the pit dug and carefully lined, the bottom should be covered with a ten-centimetric layer of peat or sand. Top it with thick, coarse material, for example, old blankets.

The next layer will be a waterproofing membrane. Its edges should extend beyond the pond at least 0.5 m, youwill have to anchor the corners with stones or bricks. Plain black outdoor film will last on average 3-4 years, PVC and rubber film is 15-20 years.

The bottom can be decorated with pebbles and put the containers with water colors or fill with soil and plant the plants directly into the ground. After all these preparations the ditch to fill with water, which should be changed twice a year. Side of the pond usually fall asleep small stones, decorated with logs and boulders, water-loving plants, put benches. Build the pond with his hands is a pleasure!

Alternative pond lined with film, is the use of ready-made forms made of fiberglass or an old bathtub, and even car wheels. Special attention to these mini-reservoirs should pay landowners, having only 6-10 acres allotment.

W hen this time and money to create such a piece of water will need quite a bit.

Ready for the plastic mould will be necessary to dig a trench of the appropriate form, adding the edges of 15-20 cm.

On the bottom it is necessary to stamp a small layer of sand to smooth the wall. After you install the form within a few days you need to fill in the holes with earth or sand, filling them with water. Only after the shrinkage of the dense form, you can start to green pond.

Will not require large costs of creating a mini-pond from an old bathtub. If you make the pond, towering above the surface, it is better to think about decorating the sides of the bath painted with acrylic paints or stones, planted on the cement.

The bath also can be hidden in the earth, acting with ready-made plastic form, not forgetting to plug the drain hole. For the pond from an old tire, cut it in half, put in a shallow pit.

On top lay a film, reinforcing the edges of the land. The topography of the shore can create to your liking. Plants, mini-ponds are usually planted in containers. You can even run some goldfish.

On the shore of home pond and relax in the summer heat, and a beautiful autumn day.

The purity and transparency of water is a determining factor for the normal existence of organisms and plants.

Frequent thorough cleaning is not necessary and even undesirable. Enough every 2 years in mid-spring or autumn to completely drain the water, catch before that the plants and fishes.

Then the bottom thoroughly clean away the accumulated silt and algae. After such activities, it will be enough to remove from the surface of the pond of undesirable debris, to prevent the breeding of algae and harmful microorganisms in the water to install the pump with the filter or use special peat tablets.

In late spring or early summer can be taken for the boarding and feeding of water plants, start fish. In the heat of summer, if the water level decreased less than 5 cm, carefully add tap water.

In the autumn it is important to remove all organic residues, so they do not pollute the water. Plants that cannot survive the winter, better to move in the room. In the winter when the threat of severe frosts small pond can be temporarily covered with boards and sacking, or install the heater.

Plants for ponds are not only a spectacular decoration, but also supports the biological balance.

With coastal decor it is important not to overdo it, because next year you can plant to grow strongly.

Would be preferable to plant shrubs with drooping branches and tall grasses, such as, host, Badan, lupines, daylilies.

It is noticed that if vegetation filled a third of the reservoir, i.e. on one square meter is not more than two or three seedlings, by itself eliminates the problem of algae.

Floating plants do not require planting with the soil, their seeds are just thrown into the water. It’s duckweed, vodokras, water hyacinth, Azolla and other varieties. It is important to ensure that they did not cover the water surface completely, as they can block the access to sunlight for other plants.

Deep-water plants can be planted directly in the soil, consisting of peat-sand mixture, or to use containers. The most popular use of aponogeton, the egg capsules and nymphs, they are the same lilies.

Plants oxygenerator prevent the pollution of water and serve as food for fish. These include water star, Turco marsh Urrutia pigweed and hornwort. For wintering the plants can stay in the pond in that case, if its depth is not less than half a meter.

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