The sea bat

The sea bat (lat. Ogcocephalus) (eng. Batfish) even though a fish but can’t swim. The structure of the fins. Therefore, sea bats move along the bottom, pushing their modified limbs, like legs. For this reason, they prefer to lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Sea bats are unusual fish of the family netopyrej squad Udenstvertne. The closest relatives of bats are marine fish-shovels, Chauncy and sea clowns (not to be confused with clownfish or amphiprion with sea bats have nothing in common!). A slightly more distant relationship of bats at sea with other species of angler fish. Only 35 known species of sea bats (including fish-shovels, with which they unite in one family).

Bats marine fish small to medium size, maximum length barely reaches 35 cm. a body Structure of them are pretty bizarre, but like all the anglers. The first thing that catches the eye is disproportionately big head, which is 30-50% of body length, in some species, the Central part rises above the back line like a tank’s turret. On the front side of the head there is a tubular outgrowth, in which the hidden Stalker special authority. It consists of a short stalk— ellicia and bait on its end — Eski. Mouth at the sea of bats is small, but seems to be wide due to the fleshy lips. The torso of these fish are narrow, and the tail narrows to nothing, so sea bats resemble the physique of a giant tadpole.

Their resemblance to the frog is further enhanced thanks to the amazing fins. If the dorsal and caudal fins of marine bats are small and look quite “fish”, the thoracic and abdominal consists of multiple skeletal elements situated at an angle to each other. The end portion of the fin is folded to the side, flattened and broadened, while the pectoral fins are small, located on the throat and look as auxiliary backup, and abdominal very large and frog-like. This completes a portrait of a naked fish skin, often covered with soft spines and sharp spines.

The protuberances give the sea bats “mossy” look and the perfect disguise them at the bottom of the sea, and the spines protect from predators. The coloration of bats often nondescript: brown, gray, with vague stains and small spots, but some species of sea bats can have quite a bright, yellow-white in color (for example, Louisiana fish pancake). Sea coconut and red-lipped bats are widely known thanks to the bright red lips are surprisingly similar to women’s makeup.

Sea bats live everywhere in all the oceans and seas tropical and subtropical zones. Most are deep water fish, living at depths of 200-500 m, sometimes up to 1000 m, and only short-nosed and spinner sea bats are found in the shallow waters.

These fish live on the bottom, to stay alone and move only within a limited area. For the movement of the sea bats use their feet-fins that rest on the ground and plucked them up. They float extremely rare and extremely awkward. In General, they prefer not to move, and hide at the bottom waiting for prey. For additional masking marine bats burrow into the ground and become completely indistinguishable on the seabed.

All kinds of marine predators of bats. They lure prey with the Falconer body: stick from the tube and wiggling Illizi eskih, movements which attract prey. According to some reports Eska is able to distinguish odorous substances that further stimulate the victim to approach

Despite the menacing look these fish are completely harmless and eat very small prey. Bats feed on marine polychaete worms, small crustaceans (mysid shrimp), bivalve and gastropod molluscs, rarely small fish.

Bats do not scour the bottom in search of food, she goes in his mouth. This fish has a special device for hunting – a kind of extendable the fishing rod – Illizi, at the end of which is bait – esque.

Unlike the fish squad, wildcookie and adiacent, this lure emits no light, which would sail fish. His process is a little different function. This “onion” is spreading around fish odor, which attracts small fish. In addition to fish the sea bat feeds on small crustaceans and worms.

Reproduction of marine bats are still poorly understood. It is known that they spawn adhesive eggs, which resembles a jelly mass. Clusters of eggs are attached to the ground or the rocks. Adult fish not care about their eggs

In the nature near sea bats few enemies because of small sizes, masking coloring and spikes do not attract predators. For man they are of no economic and gastronomic interest. However, in the countries of South-East Asia from disk bats are made rattles for children. To do this, the fish is gutted, sewn up in the belly a few stones and dried, withered skeleton acquires extraordinary hardness.

Then grind off the spiked skin and the toy is ready. Sea bats are found sporadically and rarity are not, however, in recent years we have opened several new species in the Gulf of Mexico. Apparently, the secretive lifestyle of these fish holds many secrets. Unfortunately, the newly discovered species had caused damage to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, it is clear that environmental disasters can threaten all the other species.

People familiar enough with the bats, which prefer surface waters. Gastronomic interest is not the fish, but its shell has become very attractive for people, especially for children. Sun-dried fish leaves behind a tough shell reminiscent of a turtle. If inside, add the pebbles, we get a decent rattle, which in ancient times was known to the inhabitants of the Eastern hemisphere, living on the ocean.

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