TOP 10 biggest and most beautiful aquariums in the world

The first aquariums appeared 4 thousand years ago in China. Bred with ornamental breeds of fish. Now come into fashion aquariums with exotic creatures. Ordinary goldfish is nothing new.

But goldfish can attract many people every day, especially if you are swimming in one of the ten best aquariums in the world.

1. London. Building Of Heron International

Here is built the largest private aquarium in Europe. A volume of 70 thousand liters, is home to 1200 tropical fish, brought here from the Great Barrier reef. The aquarium to a height of almost two-storey house — 4 meters. Width 2 meters and length of 12. The glass is very thick, to withstand the enormous mass of water: thicker bulletproof — 230 mm.

The aquarium brought a lot of problems in the carriage: it had to be put to one side, to carry under the low London bridges. After delivery the owner had to spend several months installing the necessary equipment and installing the scenery.

2. Berlin. The Radisson SAS hotel

The hotel boasts views of the sea, which is so like guests, but some rooms face directly into a giant aquarium with a volume of 900 thousand liters. It has the shape of a cylinder 25 m in height and 11 in diameter. In the aquarium esspecially the Elevator, where everyone can feel like a diver in a submersible. For thick transparent glass there are 56 species of fish, only the aquarium more than 2,600 residents.

The life support is a separate room. In the aquarium there are two divers whose duties include feeding the fish, cleaning the bottom and sides, and test equipment.

The construction of the aquarium was worth 13 million euros, but now it attracts many visitors from all over the world and brings profit to the hotel.

3. Lithuania. Shopping centre AB Baltic Aquarium

Many large shopping center can boast its own aquarium, but only in AB Baltic Aquarium is a huge aquarium at 163 thousand liters of real shark. There’s over 800 bright tropical fish. A stylized aquarium coral reef of the Caribbean sea. It rises to a height of two extra floors shopping Mall — 10 meters and a width of 3 meters. The entire structure weighs 49 tons.

4. Las Vegas, NV. The Hotel “Mandalay Bay”

This four-star hotel will give odds to many five-star: because they have none of the aquarium, while the “Mandalay Bay” several of them. Traditionally, one was installed in the lobby. The aquarium is large enough in him could live real sharks: the footprint is 4.5 by 4.5 meters height — 3 meters.

Some of the rooms of the hotel are connected by tunnels, Windows, separate rooms have aquariums with crocodiles, monitor lizards and sharks.

5. The network of cafe “the rainforest”

Rare dining with the fishes instead of the walls. In “Tropical forest” halls connected by arched walkway with aquarium and also the cafe is a large curved aquarium with inhabitants of coral reefs. And instead of the usual walls here cliffs and tropical jungle, on the branches sit parrots, some hanging pythons.

6. Prague. The aquarium in the gallery of Motorize

Czech multiplex surpassed Lithuanian shopping centre: there are installed two large aquarium of 75 thousand litres. They live tropical fish from the Caribbean, Pacific and Indian oceans. Both aquariums are decorated in the style of the building, the cladding is decorated with silk pattern.

7. Las Vegas, NV. Casino “Silverton”

This is one of the most famous places in the city. Aquarium with a volume of 430 thousand liters every evening gathers at the casino many visitors who are not averse to play a little. Here is the collection of several thousand fish, including five species of stingrays and six species. Every day passes shows the fish feeding and a few times a week the owners put on a show of mermaids. Girls in bright bathing suits and fins for free entertain the visitors casino.

8. Florida. Casino Gulfstream Racetrack

Casino owners know that aquariums calm, relieve stress, so visitors are in no hurry to leave. But if in many casinos aquariums are very small in Florida from a solid acrylic tubes built aquarium with a volume of 52 thousand liters and a height of almost two human growth. All instruments and tubes hidden in the scenery — the coral reef.

9. Moscow. Marine Aquarium on Clean Ponds

Marine aquarium on Clean ponds is a real coral reef in the aquarium for 20 thousand liters. There are also all the required reef fish, plants and shellfish. Live corals brought from the island of Bali. In the Oceanarium you can see the collection of marine and freshwater fish from all corners of the Earth.

Another interesting place here is the circular bathyscaphe with a pack of blacktip reef sharks. Twice a week show them feeding.

10. California. Private house

In this house the aquarium serves as a partition between the living rooms and pool. Swimmers think that they accidentally swam to the tropics, and now frolic around them flocks of colorful fish. The thickness of the side glass of the aquarium from the side of the pool five times the thickness of the glass from the side of the room.

Quite often, wealthy people use the aquarium as a replacement to the wall of the house on the coast. So it seems that to the horizon in water swim different coral fish.

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