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Sharks are one of the most formidable inhabitants of the ocean. The lack of bone tissue and Gill covers, especially the structure of scales, and many other features of the structure speak of their ancient origin, as confirmed by paleontological data the age of the first fossil remains of sharks is determined approximately 350 million years. Despite the primitiveness of the organization, shark — one of the most perfect predatory fish of the ocean.

Over a long period of existence they managed to adapt perfectly to life in the water column and now successfully compete with bony fish and marine mammals. Unlike bony fish sharks and rays don’t spawn and lay their large, covered with a Horny shell eggs or give birth to live young.

The highest values reach whale (up to 20 meters) and the so-called giant shark (up to 15 meters). Both these and others, like baleen whales, they feed on planktonic organisms. Wide and gaping jaws, these sharks move slowly in the midst of clusters of plankton and filter the water through Gill openings covered by a network of special outgrowths of surrounding tissue. Giant shark profiltruyte an hour to one and a half thousand cubic meters of water and remove all organisms larger than 1-2 millimeters. Continue reading

All the troubles of the Black sea are guilty people

The thirty-first of October the world celebrates the day of the Black sea. On this day in 1996, the year of the six black sea countries signed the Strategic plan on rehabilitation and protection of the Black sea. Needless to say, what does it mean for Ukraine: we are the owners of the most tasty piece of cake the black sea Crimean Peninsula.

Head of the Department of Zoology and animal ecology KNU named after V. N. Karazin Kharkiv national University, candidate of biological Sciences, the diver Andrey Utevsky better known as the Explorer of the seas cold, but the Black sea it is also “hand in glove”.

— Andrey, tell us about your first dive.

In six years I simply fell into the water with an inflatable mattress and went to the bottom. Opening my eyes, I saw some algae and feet of his father in the fins — and climbed to the surface… But seriously, when I swam independently for the first few meters, I immediately demanded the parents of mask and fins. The underwater world fascinates at once and forever…

All the fault of the people Continue reading

Fish clowns description features of life

In warm shallow water coral seas of the Pacific and Indian oceans, between the thick tentacles of sea anemones – sea anemones, scurrying back and forth live and colorful Fish clowns – Amphiprion (this edition Bloch & Schneider, 1801). These amazing fish boldly live where others find their final resting place – in the arms of the deadly tentacles of anemones (Anemone-Antique four-color (Entacmaea quadricolor Rppell & Leuckart, 1828).

World famous fish-clowns brought the cartoon “finding Nemo” – remember bright orange fish with white stripes? This clown Fish bychkovoy (this edition ocellaris Cuvier, 1830). The millions of viewers who are far from aquarium or marine biology, I learned about the inhabitant of the distant tropics, rooting for his release from the aquarium.

The paradox is that Amphiprion are the most popular marine aquarium fish in the United States. However, the cartoon not told surprising facts about “unexpected” fishes-clowns …

It turns out that Fish clowns Amphiprion form a couple for life, however, is only the tip of the iceberg … All clown fish are born males first! And only with age they change sex to become females Continue reading

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How dangerous inhabitants of the red sea.
1. In the Red sea found several species of sharks. They are few in Egyptian territorial waters, but they occur off the coast of Sudan. Sharks often swim with schools…

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Aquarium fish in a pond
Each of us would like to spend the summer in the country, but not all of the ego turns out. I dare say that for most this just a pipe…

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Most dangerous animals of Australia
Australia Australia is a country of vast open spaces and pristine beauty. It is home to some of the most poisonous and dangerous predators of the world. The survivors after…

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