Types of aquarium fish.

Jewel is characterized by protruding scales, like the reflected light on the pearl. Goldfish very often contain pools parks and gardens.

The content of goldfish in aquariums is quite difficult, since they require relatively large volumes of water with good oxygen regime. In 40-50 liters when the layer of water no more than 30 cm can contain a maximum of 6-8 fish, and then with continuous water blowing air. It is recommended that the following calculation of bottom area for planting fish in the aquarium is purged; for corotating fish – D. of 1.5 m 2 area per 10 cm of length of the body, and for the long-bodied – 2 DM 2. If the air blowing off the water in the aquarium is not performed, then these values must be doubled, and some water (30-50%) every day we need to mix fresh, separated. The water temperature in the aquarium can vary in the range of 8 to 30°, an optimum of 15-20°; the chemical composition of its importance has not.

Aquarium with goldfish it is best to have in the vicinity of the window. Because these fish often dig sand and damage plants, for them it is better to use coarse sand or even pebbles. Good plants to plant in pots. from plants better to plant Sagittaria, Vallisneria and pod, it is Advisable to install the aquarium filters, clean water turbidity.

In relation to food goldfish unpretentious, they eat dowolnego. Along. with bloodworms, you can feed them earthworms, some minced meat, mixed with bread in the form of balls the size of a pea, buckwheat, oat or millet porridge, and even bread. A few minutes after feeding leftover food should be removed.

Gorodomlya of the breed survive to 15, the long-bodied – up to 30-35 years. When maintained in good condition on the second year of life the fish become sexually Mature and retain the ability to reproduce for many years. The goldfish is usually quite difficult to determine the sex. With a large experience, you may notice that the front ray of the pectoral fin of the male is notched. Females are slightly more complete. With increasing length of daylight to the beginning of the breeding season (usually April — may) the males have Gill covers appear a kind of small hard bumps. To avoid premature spawning should isolate the males from the females, while in the aquarium for females is not likely to be plants by the friction of which the eggs may be spawned. Manufacturers should be abundantly fed live food: bloodworm. earthworms. large Daphnia.

Goldfish are very prolific. Their offspring prozorovo. With the advent of natural reservoirs of large amounts of dust, you can start fish farming. Spawning usually put 2-3 males per female. As a spawning area for corotating rocks can serve 40-50-Mitrovice aquariums, for the long-bodied — 50-100 liter; can also be used in vessels smaller volumes. In the spawning area pour fresh water, the layer should be 20-25 cm and a temperature of 20-24°. The chemical composition of water does not matter, you need to install the water blowing air. Clean grey sand placed in the aquarium unevenly, so that the layer of water from one side was longer than the other. On a more shallow place, smooth stones press peristaltiki. the Elodea or other small-leaved plants can be eaten and also well boiled urine.

Spawning usually begins early in the morning and lasts for several hours. Males vigorously chasing the female. Large yellowish eggs in portions of 15-20 pieces spawn among the plants, some of them stick to the leaves, some falling on the floor. For the first spawning, the female can produce up to 2000-3000 eggs, after spawning producers should be removed. When heavy feeding the fish can be placed to spawn several times during the summer, but the number of eggs for subsequent spawning will be much less. Unfertilized eggs (whitened) should be carefully removed. Larvae hatch in 4-5 days (at lower temperatures much later), and after 2-3 days the fry begin to swim. Since that time them to abundantly feed the “dust”, and soon and small Cyclops. With the growth of fry is to arrange in larger vessels, sorting by size, and possibly on the structure of the body. Many fish are initially quite inconspicuous, some species characteristic of the fish colour is fully manifested only at the age of 2-H years.

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