What fish are in the pond

Very interesting fish from the viewpoint of the co-operative ponds is vjun, unpretentious environment. Their movements and body shape he looks like a snake. In contrast to the char – 10 of antennae around the mouth. Along the body is crossed by three black bands.

Another type of food for predators – Shipovka. It is also undemanding to the conditions of life, it feeds on small benthic organisms. Food for other fish is the stickleback three-and ninespined.

Especially useful for home pond in which there live predators, the species. It demands for itself only the conditions in the pond should live seashells – perlovitsy, bezzubki. With their help, he multiplies.

There is also a pond to grow up bull-calves ruffs. But these fish are competitors of valuable fish, for also eat fry and eggs.

But back to the fish fishing. Good species can be chukuchanovye: largemouth, Smallmouth and black Buffalo, are not very demanding in terms of habitat and nutrition.

Of the carp family fishes for installation in a suitable pond carp, Amur, white, black, Chub. Of course, they need to provide acceptable conditions for living. No doubt breeding in ponds and other water bodies other cyprinid fish such as silver bream, Dace, crucian carp, Rudd, bream, tench, roach. And nase, vimba, Zope, roach, barbel, IDE.

However,herbivorous fish under any conditions can be an interesting object prudovodstva. The experts conducting studies of diet composition of herbivorous fishes in the Danube lakes, and came to the conclusion that the intensity of their feeding depends on water temperature and season. The most favorable temperature for their food – 18-24°C. With approach of autumn cold snaps of their “appetite” decreases. In winter time, as the analysis has shown that herbivorous fish do not feed almost.

At joint cultivation Godovikov white dvuhletkami silver carp with bighead carp, competition for food is absent. Motley silver carp to meet his needs, at least 5 g of zooplankton per liter of water. Silver carp consumed most of the detritus. In the second place it has seaweed. Of organisms dominated by rotifers. In the diet of grass carp is found mostly macrophytes – young runaways of a reed, cattail, pondweed, and algae and zooplankton.

In ponds you can try to grow and plant leshcha. Bream is a schooling fish. The most active time of the power – at night and in the summer months. Bream reaches sexual maturity in the third or fourth, and sometimes fifth and sixth years of life. Spawning begins in April and continues until July in the shallow waters. Caviar postpones for vegetation not closely, and absently. Caviar small, yellowish. In prudovyh conditions bream are not difficult to provide everything necessary for the good maintenance.

If you manage to catch in the river fry, a sazan or to buy it from the fishermen, then by all means try to “cultivate”. Carp grow quickly, puberty EN masse reaches the fourth or fifth year of life. Average fertility – 500 thousand eggs. For spawning chooses dense and shallow, well warmed up sites. Carp is easy to provide with everything necessary.

Beautiful fish – carp. His body is covered with large dark-Golden scales. Under natural conditions, and large bodies of water it grows well and gains weight. At present, farmers derived a lot of varieties of carp, adapted to different local conditions.

Very undemanding to the conditions of existence is the Golden carp. He lives in muddy places where a lot of slime and water grass, in slowly flowing and stagnant waters. In ponds and home in addition to traditional food carp can feed some minced meat, various cereals, and other products. Golden carp spawn in the spring and summer until August at water temperatures below 14°C. lays Eggs among aquatic vegetation.

Extremely high adaptability to environmental conditions has the silver crucian carp. He deserves paramount attention of prudovodam-lovers, though most of it grows slowly. Reaches sexual maturity at the age of four with a weight of 250 g and body length – about 21 cm Average female fecundity – 100 thousand berries. It spawns from April to early July. Caviar postpones for a small place among aquatic vegetation. Fed in the ponds the same as that of the Golden carp. In prudovyh conditions is the most good object for cultivation. Observe that we derive a lot of fast-tall crucians.

RAM also can be one of the most good objects of fish farming in ponds. The pace of growth is pretty intense. Three year olds can reach a length of 20 cm and weight of 180 g. productivity reaches 110 thousand eggs. The content in the home is not too difficult.

Roach is one of the most numerous fishes many reservoirs and lakes. Spawn when the water warms up to 8-10°C. For spawning, going in flocks and lays eggs in shallow vegetation. The fry hatch after one, two weeks. The small fry is fed, starting closer to sunrise and until about ten o’clock in the morning, and then 16 hours until nightfall. It feeds all year round.

We have given only some information and a small amount of fish. We believe that fish breeders-lovers will be able to make a choice. It only remains to figure out where to buy the invaders, or, as it is called by farmers, planting material, and how to deliver them to their destination. Hobby farmers can’t help but wonder and questions such as: what should be done for maintaining the ponds on an intensive basis, what should be the planting density of fish without compromising their normal development?

The main factors of reference for the ponds on an intensive basis, can be called fertilizer ponds growing fish in polyculture, more fit and good feeding.

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